PB4L - School Wide

MCS' PB4L journey since November 2017, as a Tier 1 school, has focused on what values are important to our school community and what values reinforce our School vision of 'Empowering Our Tamariki'. Our School values - RESPECT (Mana), COMMUNITY (Whanaungatanga) and  INDEPENDENCE (Mana Motuhake) were arrived at through community engagement and consultation. Throughout the year the PB4L team works with staff, students and the community to reinforce these values and make room for improvement based on evidential data and consultation. We are a school which instils a positive learning culture, empowers each tamariki and has high expectations of each other.

Each term we focus on a school value. Term 1: Community, Term 2: Independence, Term 3: Respect and Term 4: all our school values. In our PB4L assemblies and class lessons on Monday afternoons we use the PB4L Matrix below to focus on certain behaviours we want to see at MCS through the teaching of lessons, drama and reinforcement of expected behaviours. As a school we have created expectations about what these behaviours look like in all class and school-wide environments at Miramar Central School.  

The PB4L Leadership Team comprising of  Julie Solomon (PB4L Leader), Lara Nemet (PB4L Coach), Tracy Shanks (Assistant Principal), Jane Scadden (Support Staff), Jo Graham (Support Staff) and Tim Robinson (Board of Trustees Rep). As a team they continue to look at ways to include the school community's ideas and suggestions, and for Miramar Central School to be a model PB4L school.

This below Behaviour and Teaching Matrix states our values and expectations and is now available for you to view. We look forward to your continued involvement in our PB4L journey in 2020.

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 PB4L aims to develop a culture where behavior and learning are a way of life.

It’s about working together as an entire school community to create environment, systems and practices that support children to make positive behavior choices.

We have a PB4L Leadership Team consisting of Leadership, Teachers,Support Staff and a Board member.

PB4L is broken down in three ‘tiers’.

We are a Tier 2 PB4L school. Our results for the past 2 years for Effective Behaviour Systems have been consistent at 93%.  We have completed a great deal of mahi around our school behaviour matrix, emergency procedures and termly practices, behaviour systems, professional development for all staff, completed UBRS (Understanding Behaviour and Responding Safely) and Autism NZ Tilting the Seesaw. As part of sound hauora and wellbeing for all stakeholders, we have introduced a guidance counsellor for learners and staff and complete annual NZCER wellbeing surveys to inform our next steps of improving our school culture. 

PB4L assemblies/hui are held every second week (even weeks of the term) on Mondays at 2.15pm. As with every school assembly our extended school community and whanau are welcome to attend. On non-assembly weeks classes are taught specific PB4L lessons linked to the matrix.