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Term 2 starts Monday 3 May 2021

School Notices

Welcome to our two new Staff Members:

Grace Baker - Room 7
Naseem Shariff - Room 10 (Kowhai)

2021 Swimming Lessons

As part of our 2020 - 2021 Health and Physical Education programme, during Term 2 our students will be taking part in 7 weekly swimming lessons at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre in Kilbirnie on Thursdays starting Week 2 Thursday 13 May and concluding on Week 8 Thursday 24 June.

NE-Yr2 (Rms 13,6,&7) Leave at 10.30am. Lessons 11 am - 12 pm. Return to school 12.15 pm.
Yrs 3 & 4 (RmS 14,15,8 & 9) Leave 11.30 am. Lessons 12 pm - 1 pm. Return to school 1.15 pm.
Yrs 5 & 6 (Rms 1,2 & 3) Leave 12.30 pm. Lessons 1 pm - 2 pm. Return to school 2.15 pm.

Spare Togs at home?

If you have any spare togs your tamariki has grown out of, may you please drop these off to our school office. This would be much appreciated. Next term, our school-wide swimming programme (letter to come) will commence with 7 lessons at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (WRAC) and spare togs will be much appreciated for those students who forget them or require togs - kia ora.

FACE - Yummy Stickers and Subway Lunch

If you have any ‘Yummy Stickers’ from fruit or fruit bags could you please bring these to the School Office and pop them on a piece of paper or ‘Yummy Sticker’ sheet from the office. This will help the school get FREE sports gear - thanks.
Next term, Week 1 Friday 7 May we will be having a Subway Lunch fundraiser. Subway envelopes will come out on the first day back of Term 2: Monday 3 May.

Parent and Caregiver Information Sheet

Learner Profile Form

School Prospectus/Starting School at MCS

Music Lessons Term 2

2021 Term Dates

Term 1:  4 Feb -  16 April

Waitangi Day: 8 Feb   Good Friday: 2 April    Mon 5 & Tues 6 April

Term 2: 3 May - 9 July

 Queen’s Birthday: 7 June

Term 3: 26 July - 1 October

School Closed 3 Sept (CoL meeting for Staff)

Term 4: 18 October - 14 December 

 Labour Day: 25 October




Making the lifelong journey of education rewarding and positive

Our skilled and dedicated staff are committed to meeting the needs of all children and we plan our programmes to ensure that all children’s needs are meet, developed and their special attributes are valued.