Starting school is an exciting and important step in your child’s life, as well as your own. We encourage all prospective whanau/families to make an appointment to visit our school to meet our friendly staff and for a tour of the school.

Furthermore, upon enrolment, we welcome you to arrange a classroom visit to experience the classroom environment before the first day of school. We look forward to working with you and your child to make this lifelong journey of education rewarding and positive.

Classroom Visits:

Classroom visits are a great opportunity to see the class routine in action and become familiar with the classroom environment. You will have a chance to meet your new teacher and classmates to ensure a smooth transition.


  1. Parents/caregivers contact Jane Scadden (Office Manager) on 04 939 0684 or office@miramarcentral.school.nz
  2. A member of the leadership team will show parents/caregivers with or without child(ren) around our school.
  3. Parents/caregivers are added to our expected enrolment list or can register their child(ren) as soon as they wish.

Transition after enrolment for new entrants:

The class teacher will invite parents/caregivers to visit the New Entrant class. This is typically on a Tuesday 8.50am to 10:30 am but times can be negotiated. Your child is welcome to bring morning tea to join in with class.

1st visit - Parents/caregivers with child. Visit for up to 1 ½ hours

2nd/3rd visit - Parents/caregivers leaves child for up to 1 ½ hours

  • Transition has a timeline depending on the child’s needs. Additional visits to school and to daycare/kindergarten/early child centre maybe required.
  • Children with additional or special learning needs require regular meetings between the teacher, a Learning Support Team member and the Early Intervention Team.

Enrolment Information:

We have a continuous enrolment scheme. Please see our policies and procedures under School Docs.

MCS school policies are linked to school docs:

1.       Go to www.schooldocs.co.nz

2.       Click Search for your school - Miramar Central School

3.       Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.

4.       Enter the community username and password.

Username: miramarcentral
Password: park road 
Should you wish to access the hard copy of these documents, please come to the school office. Thank you.

Enrolment Process

Parents / Caregivers of children enrolling will be asked to complete an enrolment form.

2022 Enrolment Application        2022 Student Permissions Form

The office will need to have copies of:

  • Verification of date of birth – either a birth certificate/passport or Visa
  • Immunisation status – an immunisation certificate from either the Well-child book or you can get a printout from your Doctor's.  
    We are happy to photocopy originals.

Parents/caregivers also will provide:

  • Permission sheet for trips, Internet, photos (to be signed)
  • Relevant stationery

2022 Miramar Central School Starting School Prospectus

  • A child starting between January and June will be Year 1. A child who starts between July and December will be classified as a New Entrant - Year 0.
  • Children starting in April or May will be closely monitored before classification as a Year 1 or Year 2 for the following year is confirmed.
  • Children work at their instructional level. Children usually remain in their entry class until the end of that year.  They then progress yearly and complete school with us in Year 6.