Fundraising And Community Engagement Committee - formed from the PTA.  We have a wonderful and a very active FACE that welcomes new members.

Quiz Night - At the Gasworks -  from 6pm on Sunday 19 November

Get together and create teams of 6-8 people. 
$10 per person
Tickets on sale soon !!!

A huge thank you to FaCE for helping us with funds for the Rainbow Reading Programme.

The Rainbow Reading Programme at Miramar Central School is an example of one of the reading programmes that are available at Miramar Central. The school has just purchased the new resources and the students are motivated and enthusiastic. 


Miramar Central School T-shirts

The t-shirts are back!

The school t-shirts are red, with the school logo and name printed in black on the front.  T-shirts are $15.00 each.  

Hoodie sizing below: 
Size                               6      8     10    12    14

Chest width in cm      42    44    46    49    51 

Purchase orders are available at the school office.