ERO report

2017 ERO Review

Our ERO review took place in early March 2017.

You will be able to find the report on the ERO website.

The previous ERO report from 2014 asked the school to focus on building key competencies, develop meaningful learning pathways, culturally responsive teaching practice and improve teacher appraisal. The school has done a great job putting these things in place since then.

The latest 2017 ERO report comments very positively on our children’s engagement, well-being, confidence and huge sense of inclusion. This was also conveyed verbally to the board and senior leadership team. There was special mention of the wonderful powhiri performed by our children to welcome ERO to the school. High praise indeed and many thanks to our fantastic staff and children for making this happen!

The report shows that over 60 % of our children are progressing at or above the national standard. However, the key focus for ERO was on how well we are accelerating learning for children currently below the national standards. Accelerated learning is defined as “Achievement is accelerated when a child makes more than one year’s progress over a year, on a trajectory to achieve at, or above the National Standard by the end of year 8, or an appropriate qualification at secondary school level”. As you can see this is a challenging goal that requires considerable effort.

The national standards results that were in scope for ERO were from the 2016 school year. These results were similar to previous years. These have been previously communicated in board reports where we also indicated that we have a number of children currently assessed as below the national standards. It’s important to note that over a third of our students English is a second language or they have other high education needs. Yet, regardless of individual circumstance each child is assessed against the same national standards.

ERO has asked us to focus on accelerating children that are below the national standards to ensure that they ‘catch up’. The Board have already been redoubling efforts through the funding of a number of initiatives which the senior leadership team have now put in place. However it should be noted that any improvements to our results from these changes were not included in the data assessed by ERO as the initiatives were just starting during the review period.

The initiatives include:

  • Mathletics 
  • Additional reading recovery 
  • Continued Board funding for the ESOL programme 
  • Rainbow Reading programmes 
  • Maths Booster programmes

While we agree with the inferences made from the statistics, we also believe that caution is needed as children should progress at a rate that is right for them. Learning is not linear and we must carefully balance learning and well-being to make sure we continue to have happy children that can continue to learn.  We are very proud that our students have different backgrounds and work well together.

The report indicates we need more support and we will be working with MOE and ERO to get some additional support to improve outcomes for our children.  In particular we will be seeking assistance to source other programmes and associated funding.

If you have any concerns regarding the report or your children’s progress then as always please contact either John, Karina or Jane who will be happy to assist you.