Digital Technology

In every class at Miramar Central School, there is 1 digital device for every 2 students in the class (1:2). We have chromebooks in classes from Y2-Y6 and iPads for NE - Year 1. The students learn important skills from username/password security, research and publishing work, making movies, taking photos for evidence of their work, independent practice for literacy and numeracy (e.g. mathletics, sunshine books, phonics etc).
Each child and staff member are required to sign a cybersafety form to ensure that everyone has a sound understanding of safe cyber practices in the school. We have a cyber-safety unit that is led by the classroom teacher for each child to complete. For more information regarding cyber-safety, please check out 
Here is a slideshow done by the Techie Club to educate the school about being a digital citizen.
Each 2nd year, each class makes a movie to showcase the students digital skills. These movies are shown as part of the biannual 'Movie Night' where the community is invited to come along and watch their child on the big screen! 
The school has a 'Techie Club' which meets weekly/fortnightly for students to come together and learn new skills when using devices e.g. making posters, videos, slideshows etc.