Children at Miramar Central School will be thinkers, talkers, sense makers, problem solvers who collaborate together to contribute to their own and others’ learning, engagement and success.

The 3 foundations of numeracy taught at primary school are: Number & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement and Statistics

At Miramar Central, numeracy is a core subject which is also integrated across the daily programme e.g. cooking, collecting data for science. We believe numeracy should be practised and learnt in real-life context to enrich the understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Numeracy focus at Miramar Central School

* Financial Literacy with ASB 
 A fun and engaging programme where students learn the fundamentals of money in four different stages - from identifying needs and wants and learning to save, right through to budgeting - giving them a solid foundation to build on.

Bi-annual Numberthon
We run a numberthon competition every 2nd year to focus on student's basic facts (+ - x ÷ ) and to fundraise for the school. It is a great way for all students to get involved and we always see fantastic improvement on basic facts scores across the school!

* Mathletics
Mathletics is a captivating online learning tool providing students with stratgies they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. These powerful courses are aligned to New Zealand maths standards across Years 1-13.
Mathletics is used on the iPads for Year 1 and chromebooks forYears 2-6. Mathletics is used in the classroom and can be available to be used at home on your own device. Please talk to to your teacher if this is something you would be interested in.

Mathletics website