Visual Arts

We try to integrate the Visual Arts into our class programmes as much as possible at Miramar Central School. Tuakana students (years 4-6) and Tenia students (years 0-3) have the opportunity to take part in a school Art Club run by Rachel Burke, where they take part in art activities that are geared towards their particular age group and skill level. Art Club also provides students with meaningful input into larger school events. For example, the students have created posters, props and backdrops in Art Club for our school productions, discos, celebrations, fundraisers and special events.

You can find out more about what is happening at Art Club by clicking on this link

Students in both Teina and Tuakana also contributed to the creation of a large prop to advertise the Book Fair last year (a pirate ship in the library) and will be creating a similar mural for this year’s Book Fair event.                          

The students also spend two days a term working with Gillian, our Arts Specialist on the days when teachers have classroom release.  She plans a variety of Art activities for the students that are meaningful and attempt to cover all of the Arts disciplines (see below).

See some more examples of the student’s Artwork below…