Welcome to Miramar Central School where the tamariki are empowered. We would like to share some information about our school. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact either your child’s teacher, the school office or myself.


Children arrive between 8.30am - 8.50am.

(Please make arrangements with your child’s class teacher if occasionally children need to arrive earlier than 8.30am. Children will remain inside until 8.30am). SKiDS is a child care programme that can assist with MCS students from 7.30am - 8.30am in the school hall for $10 per hour or $5 per half-hour. Please see their website http://www.skids.co.nz/region/wellington/

9.00 am                      First bell: children go to class

10.30 am - 10.50 am   Morning interval

12.30 pm                     Lunchtime: eating bell

12.40 pm - 1.30 pm     Lunchtime: playtime

3.00 pm                      End of school

No children are to leave the school grounds before the 3.00pm bell without notifying the school office.

All children must be collected from the office, if leaving during school operational hours. Parents/caregivers must sign their child out using the ‘VisTab’ register located’ in the school office before leaving the grounds. Thank you.


If your child is to be away or late please phone Jane (939-0684) at the school office before 9.00am.

Any children who are late to school need to report to the school office before going to class.

We have a policy of following up on any unreported absences or persistent lateness in the interests of child safety and welfare.


Please notify any changes of address, phone numbers or emergency contacts in case we need to contact you urgently or in an emergency.


Term 1: Mon 4 February to Friday 12 April  (School Closed - Waitangi Day Wednesday 6 February)

Term 2: Mon 29 April to Friday 5 July  (School Closed - Queen's Birthday Monday 3 June).

Term 3: Mon 22 July to Friday 27 September

Term 4: Mon 14 October to Wednesday 18 December (School Closed - Labour Day Monday 28 October)


SKiDS run a before school programme in our school hall (7.30am - 8.30 am).  This programme is run independently from the school. If you require any further information about SKiDS please see their website.


For Health and Safety reasons children are not allowed to administer medication.

Should your child be on a course of medication for any reason please contact the school office. There is a form that gives us precise details and your consent to give the medication prescribed.


The governing body of our school ‘The Board’ meets monthly at 7pm usually on the third Tuesday of the month in the staffroom. Parents/caregivers are welcome to attend these meetings. The Board will keep you informed via the school newsletter and welcomes feedback from the school community.

Current members of the Board are:

Georgie Miles (Chairperson),

Julie Griffin,

Peter McFarlane,

Nathan Meyer,

Tim Robinson,

Rachel Burke (Staff Representative)

Ed Trotter (Principal)


Our school is committed to the prevention of child abuse. Any cases of suspected or disclosed abuse will be acted on in accordance with our policy and procedures. Copies can be viewed at the school office or please go to www.SchoolDocs.school.nz, search Miramar Central School  and use the following code. User:miramarcentral Password: park road


All written communication will come directly to you via email or our website (www.miramarcentral.school.nz)

Please make sure that we have an up to date email address for you.

If you are unable to receive emails or view our website please let Jane in the office know, so that we can give you a paper copy of any communications. These will be made available in the school office to pick up.

This will include: Newsletters, Sports events, Performing arts events, Trips, Medical forms and Notifications and updates.   


These are no longer being used, as the school has provision for 300 people for 3 days of a Civil Defence emergency at school. We have bottled water, canned food and medical equipment. However, should your child have severe allergies to food please pack three days worth of non-perishable food. Place this in a labelled bag and take to the school office. This will then be stored with all the other emergency equipment. Please see our emergency drills on our website.


Parents/caregivers are always welcome to discuss issues relating to their child with teachers. Teachers are available for ‘check in’ conversations from 8:30am - 8:50am and 3:00pm - 3:15pm. If you wish to speak at length with a teacher, please make an appointment so that the teacher can organise to spend some time with you without interruption. Please email your child’s class teacher. These emails can be located on the school website.

There are formal parent-interviews scheduled during the year for Teina, Tuakana and Kowhai in Term 1 and Term 3.


Each class has a regular School library and termly Miramar Library visit. Please ask the classroom teacher when this is. Children need to have a ‘book bag’ to carry their books in. If a book gets damaged please do not repair it at home, we have special tape for these repairs. We appreciate the replacement of any lost books though.

We always need help with mending books or putting books away, please contact the class teacher or ring the school office to volunteer. Thank you.


There can be a lot of benefits to learning a musical instrument.  We have music tutors that visit the school during class time to offer either group or individual lessons. Instruments can be hired through the musical tutor. For any further information or to organise a lesson please email: Harriet Richards (richards@miramarcentral.school.nz)


The eating of lunch is supervised. Unwanted food will stay in lunch boxes and be returned home. Please supply your child with a healthy lunch. Water is preferred. No fizzy/energy drinks, lollies etc. as part of our healthy eating policy.


Please send any money needed at school in an envelope with your child’s name and what the money is for, written on the outside. Unless otherwise stated, this should go to the school office.


FaCE: Fundraising and Community Engagement Committee - formed from the PTA.  We have a wonderful and a very active FaCE that welcomes new members. Please make contact with the school office to join.


LOST PROPERTY:  This is kept in the school hall. Please name all clothing and shoes. At the end of each term any unclaimed property is donated to charity.

VALUABLES/TOYS/SWAP CARDS/MOBILE PHONES: Please do not let your child bring these to school. If a mobile phone is needed, please hand it to the the school office during the school day for safe keeping. Thank you.


Sunhats must be worn outside during terms 1 and 4 because of the dangers of the sun (Caps are not Sunhats). Bucket Hats with a school logo can be purchased from school for $15 each. Staff and parents are encouraged to be good role models by wearing broad brimmed hats at school. Footwear must be worn when playing outside. Please send your child to school dressed for the weather conditions. Sunscreen is provided by the school however, children with sunscreen allergies need to supply their own.


Staff and Road Patrol assessed Yr 5 / 6 students complete patrols before and after school on Park Rd & Para St.


A limited amount of stationery is available for sale at the school office. Cash sales only please.

Stationery list are provided by each class and can be viewed from the Classes page.


BICYCLES: Children are allowed to ride their bikes to school on their own provided they have permission from their parents. Safety gear must be worn and road rules of the NZTA and NZ Police followed. Bikes are to be chained to the 20 bike racks provided. The school will involve Wellington City Council to run the Bike Wise & Pedal Ready programmes annually to support student independence, fitness, safety and confidence whilst cycling.

CARS: Please do not drive into the school grounds unless you have permission to from the school office. Thank you.

GATES: The gates are locked from 6.00pm weekdays and all weekends. Please ensure you do not park in front of the gates even if they are locked for emergency reasons.  

SKATEBOARDS/SKATES/SCOOTERS:  Children are allowed to bring these to school. They must walk these through the school grounds and place in the scooter racks. Only during morning interval and lunch times can they be ridden in the school on the Para Street back driveway with the wearing of a helmet. Those who have scooters/skateboards should be the ones riding these for Health & Safety reasons. The bike track can also be used at lunchtime.

USE OF SCHOOL GROUNDS: School families are most welcome to use the school grounds after hours. We do though, from time to time have vandalism or graffiti. If you see anyone acting inappropriately in the school grounds please call the police on 111. Thank you.

For the safety and well being of families and our tamariki DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS.

Thank you Miramar Central whānau. We look forward to working with you and your child.

Ngā mihi nui,

Ed Trotter