New Entrants/Year 1

Jos Abernethy/Jane Hatley

Room 13

Year 1/Year 2

Shivam Patel

Room 7

Year 1/Year2

Tracy Shank/Mandy Watson

Room 6

Year 3/Year 4

Julie Solomon

Room 4

Year 3/Year 4

Michelle Li

Room 8

Year 3/Year 4

Rachel Burke

Room 9

Year 5/Year 6

Kim Meredith

Room 1

Year 5/Year 6

Sophia Reid

Room 2

Year 5/Year 6

Sophie Brown

Room 3


Shalini Agarwal/Naseem Shariff

Room 10

Class Waka

At our assemblies we welcome new children to our school with a hoe (paddle) with their name and start date printed on it . The hoe is then placed in their class Waka (canoe) where they can help paddle with their classmates towards the class and school goals.